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3D Virtual Summit & Virtual Conferences Software Specially Designed To Organize Business Summits & Conferences!

#1 3D Software to host Virtual Summit & Virtual Conferences to Organize engaging thought-leadership summits, business meetings online.

HexaFair helps you to incorporate some or all of these elements into your Virtual events

Drive attendance to your Virtual summit & Conferenceswith professional-looking landing pages and emails designed to match your corporate branding, while promoting your virtual summit via social media and word of mouth.

Landing Pages Of Virtual Summit
Landing pages and summit live pages all instantly created and auto-populated with all of your virtual summit information ready to go in minutes.

Content Blocks
Feature upcoming talks, embed images &videos, sponsors logos, testimonials, or let your team manage using our content block options.

Flexible Builder
Managecontent of your virtual summit landing page to fit your specific needs and tailor your pages to your virtual summit.

Create tickets that fit your virtual summit and give attendees a simple registration process.

Pre-Registration Page
Start accepting registrations of those interested right from the day one your setup is complete &start.

Customized Registration Flow
Ask the important questions of your virtual summit attendees upfront and tailor their experience.

Flexible Pricing Structure
Set-up tickets based on price points and access to content& accept payments from them.

Offer an IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE of Virtual Summit and Virtual Conferencesto your attendees from the moment they arrive at platform until their final session.

3D Virtual Lobby
A 3D Virtual lobby with welcome video wall, designated area for virtual Summit sponsors to maximize ROI, help desk.

3D Virtual Auditorium
3D Interactive Virtual auditorium to conduct live conferences, Breakout sessions, Q&A, Polls, all in one virtual summit management software.

On-Demand Videos Virtual Stage
Recorded videos and audios for the participants to watch on-demand at their convenience during pre-event &post-event.

An online Virtual Summit platform for your Virtual Summit &Conferences, designed to deliver real engagement and best-in-class interactions, sessions hosted live or accessed on-demand for an elevated audience experience.

Inbuilt Interactive Live Sessions

  • Speakers: Manage your agenda and speakers of virtual summit with our built-in management tool.
  • Agenda & Sessions: The virtual summit organizer can manage sessions and times. Virtual summit speakers can join by logging in from Zoom or Microsoft Team ,start streaming.
  • Recording: Record every session and make them on-demand to participants later (On request).
  • Q & A: Attendees can post live Q & As.
  • Polls: Unlimited polls with audiences available.

Breakout Sessions
HexaFair supports multiple concurrent sessions (upto 5 tracks). Tracks appear on the main virtual summit page, allowing attendees to preview simultaneous sessions and select which track they want to join. Q&A available for all tracks. Speaker bios, calendar integration and downloadable presentations.

An online Virtual Summit platform for your Virtual Summit &Conferences, designed to deliver real engagement and best-in-class interactions, sessions hosted live or accessed on-demand for an elevated audience experience.

Speaker Details
The bio, social links & photos of the virtual summit speakers can be efficiently managed using our virtual summit software.

Sharing In Social Medias
Speakers & Visitors are inspired to keep sharing your virtual summitas they can signup to their session in social medias.


  • Add zing to your virtual fairs& virtual trade show and gamify it with HexaFair. Incorporate gamification features in real-time and create a fun & memorable experience.
  • Activate leaderboard for virtual communities
  • Assign points to different activities
  • Reward attendee activities and actions

Track every detail of your virtual Summit & virtual conferences with live insights and instantly report event ROI to your stakeholders.

Event Organizer Dashboard

  • Total no. of Registrations.
  • Average time spent by attendees in Auditorium, Reception, Business lounge.
  • Sessions Engagement report.

Virtual Summit Organizer Reports

Can avail the reports of Attendee registrations, Attendees turned out to the virtual summit & conferences, Sessions engagement report

FAQ’s –3D Virtual Summit Software

What event technology is required to host Virtual summit ?

HexaFair runs in all major browsers. No special add-ons/software required.

Do you have mobile apps for our attendees to my virtual summit ?

Yes. HexaFair 3D Virtual Summit software provides Android & IOS mobile apps for each event specifically. The visitors of the virtual summit can install the mobile apps and experience.

What are the maximum amount of users , the platform can handle ?

There is no limitation. But discuss with your project manager/Sales team for the volume and cost associated in prior.

What is the benefit of the event being " live," versus watching the recorded version ? Which is better ?

The benefits to participating in any live summit including our Live Virtual Summit as opposed to watching the recorded version are that participants will have the opportunity to interact with our expert lineup of speakers through live Q&A, responding to live polls, and connecting with other attendees in a group chat.

What ่s the timeline for a Virtual Summit ?

Virtual summits have a lot of moving pieces that you are going to have to plan for.

Setting up a pre-recorded summit could take 1-2 months of your time. A live summit, while still time-consuming, might take a little less because you do not need to record the sessions.

How do I add Pre-Recorded to my Virtual Summit ?

Schedule recording times for each speaker.

Film and edit each speaker session.

Insert recorded sessions to the appropriate private pages on your website.

Why to Host a Virtual Summit ?

Build your company’s reputation in your industry

Build relationships with industry players and potential partners

Generate a lot of marketing leads to add to your email list

Generate some sales leads

Make some money

What ่s the difference between virtual events and Virtual summit ?

You’re Just a Few Clicks Away from a Great Event!

Contact HexaFair team, and explore all the tools and services you need to start, promote,
conduct and measure your Virtual Tradefair, Virtual Expo & Virtual conference successfully

The success of your Virtual event is our #1 priority.

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